Bring content to life with Generative AI.
Transform books, websites and other text into interactive videos — at scale
The stats are in. People prefer videos over text, but creating worthwhile videos require time and skill. Ask any successful YouTuber or TikToker, and they'll tell you about the hours invested in scripting, editing, perfecting lighting setups, and recording...etc.

Enter Prof Jim's revolutionary generative text-to-video AI technology. We've democratized the creation of high-quality videos. Oh, and we’ve made it 15X faster.
People understand interactive video better.
350 students read traditional textbook content, and another 350 students watched an interactive video on the same content. When learning outcomes were measured, students who watched the interactive videos performed 37% better.
Video, reimagined:
How do you use our tech?
Our tech makes users 15X faster—
and increases quality.

One teacher spent 7 hours and 45 minutes creating the lesson. Then, she tried to create the same lesson using our AI platform. The total creation time (including editing) only took her 30 minutes!

Embracing Neurodiversity.

Everyone loves learning with video. But for some, it can make all the difference. This paper presents early data and insights from research studying dyslexic learning preferences and outcomes. Findings align with current research: that interactive videos yield better learning outcomes than reading alone. Interestingly, even participants who reported the avatar as “distracting,” still consistently performed better on video assessment than on reading.

Why did we name the company Prof Jim?
Every person has had a teacher who made a significant impact on their lives. This could be a parent, a school teacher, a university professor or work mentor. We believe that person needs to be treasured and remembered always. The name Prof Jim was chosen in honor and memory of one of our co-founders' favorite professor and doctoral advisor, Professor Jim Meindl. He passed away in 2020, two weeks before our company was founded.