About Us

How Prof Jim
was born

The world of education has turned upside down. The pandemic pushed teachers, students, and parents to grind through online learning—and everyone grappled with the monotony of it all.

When Dr. Deepak Sekar watched his kids click through yet another stale online lesson, he knew that screen-based learning needed to be turned upside down too. So, he started thinking about how to create an engaging e-learning experience.

He combined forces with tech entrepreneur Pranav Mehta, whose own struggles with school inspired him to bring Prof Jim to life. They then build up a team of like-minded individuals who are excited about evolving e-learning for the next generation.

Leadership team

Deepak Sekar

Co-Founder, CEO

Pranav Mehta

Co-Founder, CTO

Maria Walley

Content Director

Prof Jim?

The name ‘Prof Jim’ was chosen to honor Sekar’s favorite professor and doctoral advisor, Prof Jim Meindl—who worked with Sekar for over four years during his graduate student days. He passed away in 2020.