Natural Language Processing (NLP) Developer

You remember school. And it was sometimes... boring. Well, we’re getting ready to change that forever. If you’re looking for a job that redefines the future of online teaching, let’s talk.

Here’s what
we’re looking for:

  • New college graduate or recent college graduate. We'll have a training program where this developer is trained on NLP matters.
  • Proficiency with Python or C++ or Java. Experience with any other object oriented language is also ok.
  • We want someone who comes in with the mindset of "I want to work hard the next few years, and grow quickly as a result of that". We pride ourselves on creating excellent growth for our high-performing team members.
  • The developer should have at least 1 or 2 standout things in their resume which indicate they can take on hard tasks and achieve them. Examples: done engineering projects that stand out, been in the top 5 in their university, got into a college that is very hard to get into, represented their country in sports championships, climbed a 20000ft mountain, got promoted every year in a brand name company, launched their own startup and scaled it well, etc.

Here’s what
we offer:

  • A full-time position with industry-leading compensation.
  • Stock options.
  • A strong team. We only hire superstars. Your team members will be some of the most capable people you've worked with.
  • A work culture with a growth-mindset — without any office politics nonsense. It’s okay to make mistakes here!
  • Flexible work location. You can choose if you want to work from home, or if you’d prefer, we’ll set up an office at a local co-working space near your home.
  • A work environment where you collaborate with and learn from different departments. You will not be siloed, separate from other roles.


  • India

Why work
with us

Prof Jim is a well-funded tech startup that helps teachers make captivating online lessons using AI technology. It has two headquarters: one in Silicon Valley, another in India. It’s co-founded by Dr. Deepak Sekar, previously Founder/CEO of Chowbotics (acq. Doordash), and Pranav Mehta, previously Co-Founder/CTO of Flatpebble.

Between them, these founders have 25+ years of experience building top-class products, 150+ issued patents and a deep commitment to building the next big thing in e-learning. You'll work closely with both of them as well as other people on their team.


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